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A family run exterminating company in Washington County

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You can trust your home and business to state-certified, licensed, and insured professionals who have been in the business since 1949!

Your satisfaction is guaranteed!

Say goodbye to seasonal creepy crawlers on your property

Appreciate year-round service from Pest Patrol Co. Inc. to promptly and efficiently eradicate both harmless and dangerous bugs. The experts understand the characteristics and dangers of each type of pest as well as immediate actions to eliminate them! Take advantage of preventative measures to ensure they never return to your residential, commercial, industrial, or real-estate properties.

Protect your family from annoying pests

Stay away from dangerous creatures

Ants infest your food and weaken wooden structures

Centipedes gather in wet areas like basements, bathrooms, or plants, and will bite

Box elder bugs invade in large numbers in the autumn and leave stains

Carpenter ants prefer dead damp wood in which to build nests


Asian Beetles invade in large numbers and bite

Spiders move indoors during cooler months and attempt to bite you when disturbed

Hornets, wasps, and bees are attracted to spring pollen and cause painful stings

Bed bugs infest your sleeping areas and cause a number of health issues

Cockroaches hide in the dark by food and water but carry viral and bacterial pathogens

We proudly service the greater Milwaukee Metro and Washington County areas

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